Fine Art Photography
Photography is a recurring theme that takes a dominant role as a medium of creative expression. I shoot digital only with simple DSLR gear. At times I turn a photo into a digital illustration.
My perspective is strongly influenced by working in design. As a user experience professional, I design user interfaces for products that are targeted at technical audiences. In photography, I allow my eyes to wander, and my mind to process inputs in less linear ways. I love creating small worlds that don’t exist, but that tell a story or evoke a feeling. The feeling of a dream or of a time long gone, a hidden message between the lines. At the same time, I ensure that every piece is strongly influenced by design principles and representative of my aesthetics. I am drawn to positive and negative space, form, color, contrast, size and scale.
In this project, my desire is to evoke the feeling of nostalgia in you. You are home for the holidays and are talking a walk past your old stomping grounds, and you drop by this abandoned home where your best friend’s family once lived, in a time long gone, and you just stumbled upon a left-over doll head in the backyard, sitting in an old Ford wheel.
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